At GCE-CFGC, our goal is crystal clear: to safeguard and enrich the vibrant Garifuna cultural heritage by seamlessly weaving together traditional and international art forms and music. Throughout history, indigenous communities have faced daunting challenges—disenfranchisement, displacement, and resource exploitation. Today, in the midst of a global economic recession that touches nations far and wide, we proudly rise to the occasion.

About us

GCE-CFGC empowers, celebrates, and preserves the diverse cultural heritage of Garifuna, Indigenous, and Caribbean communities.


                       Safeguarding Cultural Legacy

The Godsman Celestino Ellis Center for Garifuna Culture (GCE-CFGC) was established by Cynthia M. Ellis. Embarking on a transformative journey to preserve, celebrate, and promote the rich heritage of the Garifuna people. With a clear roadmap and a strong commitment to cultural preservation.


To transcend global challenges, promote peace, and create lasting cultural cooperation We foster economic growth, multicultural connectivity, and unity through art, culture, and sustainability.

Garifuna Wisdom: Changing Perspectives

  • GCE-CFGC harnesses and integrate Garifuna elders and community leaders to share insights that reshape views on community, nature, and cultural preservation.
  •  Influencing tomorrows Garifuna youth, voices and spotlight the new generation of Garifuna leaders driving change in education, sustainability and cultural pride, highlighting the potential of young voices in shaping a brighter future.
Our impact
Influencing the way people, organisations, and movements think and act.
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