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About Us

“GCE-CFGC is dedicated to forging a lasting legacy that transcends virtual and physical realms, uniting global audiences. Through synergy, we empower the Garifuna community, promote heritage, nurture cultural esteem, education, and unity”.

Cynthia M. Ellis


Cynthia M. Ellis, Founder/Chairperson of the GODSMAN CELESTINO ELLIS – CENTER FOR GARIFUNA CULTURE (GCE-CFGC) INC., is a paragon of unwavering resolve and resilience. Born on January 16th, 1953, her lifelong mission centers on advocating for Garifuna sovereignty and land rights, both locally and globally. As the Ambassador at Large for the Garifuna Nation and Chief Executive Officer of The Indigenous Peoples Network, she tirelessly champions equality, nurturing the dreams of countless youth, especially in the realms of sustainability and environmental justice.
At the core of her legacy is the dedication to carrying forward the work of her late father, Godsman Celestino Ellis, and husband, Harriot Wentworth Topsey, including her role as Champion of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Belize. Through this, she inspires and mentor’s leaders, propelling transformative initiatives such as the preservation of the El Pilar Forest Gardens. Cynthia is not just an advocate; she’s a force of nature, mobilizing women and spearheading campaigns against violence in Belize, all while ardently advocating for Garifuna sovereignty and land rights on the global stage.
Her extraordinary journey, replete with invaluable lessons and triumphs, is being painstakingly etched into a memoir, a testament to grit and purpose. Cynthia’s motto, “Building Belize one family at a time,” embodies her steadfast commitment to fostering unity and catalyzing positive change.
Guided by her spiritual name, Lubafu Isieni, symbolizing unconditional love, Cynthia is on a mission to coach, inspire, and mentor those aspiring to reach their personal zenith. She stands poised to reshape the narrative for generations to come, carrying the wisdom of her ancestors and heeding their call within the Dabuyaba.
In establishing GCE-CFGC, Cynthia endeavors to safeguard and extol the invaluable Garifuna cultural heritage, ensuring its endurance across seven generations, sharing the sagacity, resilience, and love that encapsulate their heritage with the world.
“As the steward of humanity’s cultural legacy, I stand with unwavering pride as a Garifuna woman. I am attuned to the ancestral beckoning within the Dabuyeba, carrying forth their timeless wisdom and boundless resilience, destined to illuminate the path of our shared destiny”.


Fostering strength and autonomy for individuals to thrive and drive positive change in their lives and communities.

Fostering strength and autonomy for individuals to thrive and drive positive change in their lives and communities.

GCE-CFGC embodies the vibrant tapestry of diversity woven by the Garifuna, Indigenous, and Caribbean communities. We stand as a repository of resilience, where our mission is to illuminate the formidable challenges, we face and advocate for transformative change.

Our Journey:

We are at the epicenter of a battle against disenfranchisement, marginalization, and historical injustices. These injustices have pushed us to the periphery of society, denying us equal access to resources, education, and representation.

Our Purpose:
GCE-CFGC serves as a repository of history, culture, and identity. We represent the faces of relentless challenges, rights, and interests. We navigate new paths through territories marked by tourism and development projects, sparking courage and determination to protect ancestral legacies.

Preserving Heritage:
In a globalizing world, the erosion of traditional cultures and languages is a constant threat. GCE-CFGC ignites economic opportunities while tirelessly preserving and rejuvenating indigenous languages and traditions—an inspiring endeavor


Preserve Garifuna culture for future generations.

Elevate global recognition and cross-cultural understanding.

Empower through historical and identity insights.

Foster unity and collaboration, transcending boundaries.

Boost Garifuna community’s self-esteem and identity.

Promote cultural diplomacy for global harmony.



GCE-CFGC cultivates Garifuna heritage through synergy, uniting global audiences and empowering the community. We preserve, celebrate, and promote a lasting legacy of culture, education, and unity.

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