Highlights: Keynote Speakers: Renowned leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, scholars, and activists share personal journeys, challenges, and achievements for inspiration. Panel Discussions: Engage influential gamechangers in discussions on leadership, entrepreneurship, art for change, and resilience. Workshops and Mentorship: Offer practical skills and mentorship sessions for personal and professional development. Artistic Showcase: Celebrate Caribbean women’s artistic talents, emphasizing the power of art for self-expression and advocacy. Networking: Facilitate connections among attendees for collaboration and support. Youth Engagement: Dedicate a segment to inspiring and mentoring young girls and women. Empowerment Pledges: Encourage commitments to empower themselves and others. Key Messages: Embracing the indigeneity strength, beauty, and resilience of Caribbean women. Connect and learn from influential women in various fields. Foster a sense of community, mentorship, and empowerment. Celebrate the power of art and creativity. Promote unity and collaboration in the Caribbean region and beyond. “Unveiled Strength” empowers by providing tools, inspiration, and connections to break barriers and create positive impacts globally. An awareness project in Belize