Project Highlights:

Uniting Diverse Leaders: GCE-CFGC convenes influential figures from the Garifuna and Indigenous Caribbean communities, alongside visionary African business leaders, across sectors such as trade, tourism, corporations, and multilateral/regional institutions. Embracing sports as well, this multifaceted approach promises holistic impact.

Key Objectives:

Elevating the Business Landscape: The primary goal is to enhance the global business and investment environment for Indigenous peoples. Fostering collaboration between public and private sectors, the project strives to create an environment conducive to economic growth and prosperity.

Holistic Development: Beyond economic growth, the project emphasizes holistic development. It accentuates business, entertainment, sports, heritage, and eco-tourism, collectively forming a more diverse cultural and economic landscape.

Inclusivity: The project emphasizes the importance of inclusivity, particularly addressing the needs of women and youth. It recognizes their potential as change catalysts, offering them tools and incentives for upskilling and remedial education, driving forward a powerful and transformative agenda