Key Initiatives:

Virtual & Physical Centers: We’re creating a robust online platform and a physical center in Belize, both serving as global hubs for Garifuna culture, fostering accessibility and immersion.

Archival Hub: Collaborations focus on collecting and digitizing invaluable items, preserving tangible and intangible Garifuna treasures, ensuring their enduring legacy.

Content Creation: Engaging experts for educational materials and multimedia ensures the depth and diversity of Garifuna culture are accessible and engaging.

Special Events: Cultural workshops, seminars, and exhibitions invite immersion in Garifuna traditions, fostering an appreciation for its heritage.

Global Outreach: Our virtual platform transcends geographical boundaries, connecting with Garifuna communities worldwide, facilitating the exchange of traditions and knowledge.

Community Involvement: Collaboration with Garifuna artists globally taps into their creative energy, celebrating their artistic expressions.

Continuous Improvement: Dynamic feedback collection and iterative platform updates resonate with evolving community needs and desires.

Long-Term Partnerships: Strengthened collaborations ensure the enduring legacy of Garifuna culture, fostering a vibrant and connected global community.